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Welcome to the world of books and music!
The open sea of sounds and words awaits you. We will take you on board our Melodiko Karavi –our musical boat– and accompany you on our ship –En Plo–across the pages of our books. To the world of dreams…


Christos Tsiamoulis celebrates 20 years as a recording artist with the release of this instrumental CD. Instead of candles ...

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01. Μαριώ (Tραγούδι: Π. Λάλεζας, Διασκευή: Μ. Πανταζόπουλος)
02. Έλα πάρε με (Tραγούδι: Π. Λάλεζας, Στίχοι – Μουσική: Μ. Π...

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Black Eyes Bewitched me


01. Eλεύθερος σκοπός
02. Σ’ αφήνω την καλονυχτιά αργό τσάμικο, δρομική πατινάδα
03. Όλες οι μελαχροινές (Μελανουράκι) κ...

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The Diary of BALAT

Constantinopolitan lyra and kanonaki

Serap Çağlayan
Mahinur Özü...
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Alpha len to proto gramma [The first letter is called Alpha]

Songs of the Peloponnese

Christos Tsiamoulis, Toula Sideri, Eirini Derebei, Panayiotis Lalezas, Kostas Bilalis, and the Children’s Choir of the 5 th Secondary School, Vyronas

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Εν πλω

Elder Porphyrios

Giorgos Kroustalakis

7th, enlarged, edition
14 Χ 20.5 cm. 296 pages
ISBN: 960-88738-7-8

This book deals with the luminous personality of ...

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Religious Education and
Contemporary Society

Opinions and counter-opinions.
Ioannis Angelopoulos, Stelios
Arvanitis, Fr Evangelos Gkanas,
Stavros Zouboulakis, Demetris....

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An Explanation of the
Epistles of St John

Fr. Justin Popovich

isbn: 960-88994-0-0
180 pages, 13X21 cm, hardback

Fr Justin Popovich (1894-1979) was born ...

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